Ecommerce Websites

Need help to create or update your ecommerce store for your business? We can take all the hassle out of this process and return a finished store, full of your products, ready to sell.

What is an Ecommerce Website?

An e-commerce website is one that allows people to buy and sell physical goods, services, and digital products over the internet rather than at a brick-and-mortar location. Through an e-commerce website, a business can process orders, accept payments, manage shipping and logistics, and provide customer service

What to consider when planning for an eCommerce Website?

Firstly, you should start with a comprehensive plan for your ecommerce website.

Web designers & developers have considerable experience with understanding how to plan a useful ecommerce website. Considerations must be made regarding the user experience, planning out how users will engage with your website. Navigation between site pages needs to be clear for users, with a specific focus on achieving user path objectives

Some of the top questions when planning for your ecommerce website

1.  What Do You Want Your Site To Do?

2. Who’s Going to Buy From You?

3. Do You Require Special Site Features?

4. What Are Your Limitations?

5. Do You Have All the Tools You Need?

6. What E-Commerce Platform Are You Going to Use?

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Ecommerce Platforms

There are countless e-commerce platforms out there, and one of our tasks is to find one that fits your needs. Depending on what your needs are, there are a various options that you would be able to use. 

Below are 2 options which generally suit most small to medium sized businesses.


Shopify is an all-in-one ecommerce platform, meaning your website is built, hosted and maintained on Shopify's own platform. It is ideal for store owners who wish to manage the website themselves.


Woocommerce is an open-source ecommerce software built on the WordPress CMS platform. Woocommerce allows for a more customizable store in comparison to other ecommerce platforms.

Website Domain Names

Finding the perfect name for your website is an essential part of the journey. Generally a domain name is in keeping with the business name. In the case that it is a new business in creation, the domain name can often influence the company name.

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What is involved in creating an Ecommerce Website?

Below you will find the details for a custom Ecommerce Website. It includes all the essential elements needed to build a successful Ecommerce Store that attracts new customers & generates sales.

Ecommerce Website

• 5 main pages

• 3 legal pages: Privacy policy, T&C’s and Cookies policy

• 10 Product Categories

• 50 Products

•  Abandoned Cart Email Setup

• CTA buttons & customer signup/contact forms

• Online Payment Gateway Integration 

• Google Search Website Registration

• Search Engine Optimization Setup

• Google Analytics setup to track website visitor numbers

• Google My Business profile setup

• Google Maps Setup

• Email marketing newsletter setup

Website Hosting

1 year Website Hosting Package

• Website hosting

• SSL security certificate

• Daily backup of websites files & data

Website Maintenance

1 year Website Maintenance & Support

• Monthly updates of website software

• Website security checks

• Error & bug fixing

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